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So what do people say about us?  Here are a just a few of the many wonderful things that people have said in their feedback about their experience at the Kaddie Shack.  We have compiled a list of reviews from various different sources on the internet:

"These guys are awesome. my kaddies were rebushed and ported by them several years ago and sold to me by a friend. they've helped me with advice and with fast shipping on parts I've ordered. thanks guys." - Brett W via Facebook


"Jeff rebuild a pair of old Kadrons, after picking them up from his shop in Pasadena, they turned out to be better then new. Thanks for the excellent service." - Marcel D, The Netherlands - via Facebook


"I'm from Sydney Australia and I'm buying a pair of Kaddies from The Kaddie Shack. Jeff has been so helpful promptly answering my questions and making suggestions. I'm sure he is not making much money from the Kaddies but he has gone above and beyond in helping me. One thing that is a standout of your company in today's world: customer service. Congratulations Jeff on making a difference!" - Ian M, Australia - via Facebook


"One of my favorite VW shops and I have never even been to Pasadena! Any time I call, I either get immediate, interested, patient, genuinely interested assistance or a call back with exactly the same in pretty short order. I have spoken to Jeff and Miguel -- both are great.  Jeff said it best: "there are fewer and fewer of our great cars on the road; we've got to do what we can to keep them there" (or something like that...). Im pretty sure they care more about the overall success of your ACVW project rather than just selling you parts; right on!" - Daniel R, Portland Oregon - via Facebook


"I'm no mechanic, and I was able to install this kit that Miguel set me up with in a few days no problem on my daily driver!! Well a few problems, but nothing a little googling, a John Muir book and a few phone calls couldn't handle. My car now runs better than my stock carb with no hesitation or flat spots. I think it made all the difference calling these guys, if you are thinking about kadrons for your VW, look no further than kaddy shack, I couldn't be happier!" - Scott B, San Francisco, CA - via Facebook


"This place is a throwback to the day when auto parts places actually were run by folk who knew something about the stuff they sell.  I've been buying parts and getting advice from them for the past five or so years, since the oldest boy decided he really liked the VW bug beater I'd got him to get around campus. Not withstanding he rolled the thing under tow, so it needed a body exchange and some engine work, then the usual replacement of brakes, head gaskets, carb, intake manifold, exhaust etc. These guys have always come through with the parts and have saved me quite a bit of time troubleshooting, since they really know the type I vehicles well indeed. We have yet had a chance to take the bug on one of the cruises that KaddieShack organizes, but one of these days... Anyway, a first rate outfit, highly recommended." - Harvey P, Pasadena, CA - via Yelp


"Always have what I need for my air cooled bug. Very well educated in Volkswagens. Very involved in the local VW community, look forward to seeing them at events in the future. Would recommend this shop to other members of the VW family." Lyna T, Pasadena, CA - via Yelp


"These guys are Awesome! I bought a pair of custom Kadrons from them based off all the info I gave them about my current engine build. After bolting on my new shiny carbs(For real these things are beautiful!) they didn't run right. Being somewhat new to Dual Carbs, I called Jeff and I am confident the man would talk to me for 2 hours if that is what I needed to get my ride running smooth. He walked me carefully through the process step by step to get things synced. After swapping out for slightly smaller Idle jets she runs perfect. Nice guys, very knowledgeable and with an abundance of subpar vendors and products for VW's, its nice to have people in the industry you can trust." - Justin M, Williamston, MI - via Yelp


"Jeff and his team are passionate about what they do and are willing to take the time to really help, not just sell you a bunch of parts and send you on your way. They have bent over backwards to help me find the right combination for my custom setup, even calling the manufacturer to see about a special package deal. If they were closer to me they would get ALL my VW business." Craig B, Corona, CA - via Yelp


"The Kaddie Shack is one of the best businesses I've dealt with period, VW or not. Jeff spent time with me via email and phone without a penny spent. His documentation online is incredibly helpful and when I went to order from him, Jeff and his staff were extremely friendly and patient. They even called me back to double check on the correct parts!! Parts went out on time and were at my house (xcountry) in a couple of days. If it weren't for the Kaddie Shack, learning about the kads that came with my bus would have taken much longer and been more painful. I highly recommend (and already have) Jeff and the Kaddie Shack." Eric (ewdb92), Fredericksburg,VA - via The Samba


"To Jeff and all that work at the Kaddie Shack, thank you so much. They were super helpful with shipping, and ordering. Responding to e-mails and phone calls very quickly and honestly. And as a measure of how great they are, they realized I ordered parts I truly didn't need and called me to see if I wanted both parts or to just one or the other. Unlike most dealers that'll just let you make the mistake and keep the money. I haven't been able to put my new carbs on yet, but just quality of service has been outstanding and I expect them to be as awesome as they say. Thank so much again" - Joe D, Sacramento, CA - via The Samba


"I have never received such great customer service as I have at the Kaddie Shack. Jeff will answer your questions in great detail, and make sure you understand what you are getting when purchasing from him. I will definitely go back to him for my all Kadron and other air-cooled needs. Big props to you Jeff. Thanks again for your awesome service." PDXAIR - via The Samba


"We road race and run Kads instead of Webers. Jeff Lain at the Kaddie Shack is the most knowledgeable Kad expert out there, and really has great customer service." Frank Camper, wrote The Complete Kadron Manual book,  via Google


"Went in for for carburetor help and they were honest and knowledgeable. I'm looking forward to coming back for help and parts on the next ACVW engine I build." Stephen L, La Crescenta, CA - via Google


"This is the best place to go for all your vintage Volkswagen needs! Best prices in town and they will always hook you up with advice and help you out." J Nava, Las Vegas, NV - via Google





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