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Instructional videos for air-cooled volkswagen cars.  Tuning, distributors, carburetion, engine building, modifcation, beams, horsepower.

Kaddie Shack Tech TV: VW Technical Help & Tutorials

Installations, Tuning, & Repairs Made Easy For Air-Cooled VW's


In order to help our customers, as well as the VW community at large, with troubleshooting problems and completing their installations successfully we have a worked very hard to shoot a series of online videos.  Our hope is that these videos make it easier for the average guy who's not a VW mechanic to accomplish their goals in upgrading their air-cooled Volkswagen.  These tutorials are here to help guide you through some of the more common issues that come up during installations, tuning, building your engine, or upgrading your vehicle.  They are on our YouTube Channel also, but we have them here in a central location so you always know where they are.  We cover many of the topics we encounter with ignition systems, Solex H40/44EIS carburetors, and building performance motors, and will continue to add to this collection as often as we can. We are dedicated to helping you become successful with your build, no matter how mild or wild it is.


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