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We certainly hope you will visit us in person here in Pasadena. Whether you're local or vacationing in the Southern California area, we'd love to hang out a bit and show you around the shop.  We'd also love to hear from you via email or telephone if you need help, have tech questions, or would like to order parts.  We can help with your VW project.


If you need to ship your carburetors or axle beam components in for repairs or would like to swing by, the address is below. If you're shipping your stuff, please make sure you include your name and phone number so we can get a hold of you when we receive the items!



If you like volkwagen cars and you like to have fun, you'll like our Facebook page.  We give great advice, tech tips, and have fun at the store.

We are located at:


Kaddie Shack

10902 Grand Ave, Unit H

Temple City, CA 91780


JeffLain @ KaddieShack.com


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