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"Kaddies went in friday night, I'm sure there is some checking, twiddling and fussing ahead but on the few short hops...WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! If anyone tells you that they can't do it tell 'em a 71 year old grandmother/retired teacher did." -- Lois G, St Charles, Missouri

Technical Articles
Tuning, Troubleshooting, & Installation Manual
Kadron Rebuilding, as Featured in July 2011 HVW's
Adding up to 17HP with air cleaner modifications? Really? HVW's article
Camshaft Education: Norris Cams
Type 4 Carb Instructions PDF
Hard Fuel Line Kit Installation PDF

Kadron Basic Installation & Set-up
YouTube Tuning & Installation Clinic

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Installing the Pertronix SVDA Distributor
Pertronix Ignitor 3 Features & Installation
Type 4 Pertronix SVDA Distributor Installation
Type 4 Tips & Tricks for Kadron Installation
Adjusting Kadron Accelerator Pumps, Eliminating Flat Spots
Jetting and Venturis Replacement and Tech Info
How To Remove Kadron Air Cleaner Brackets
How To Install Hi-Flo Kits
Vintage Style Air Cleaner Options
How To Install Kadron Velocity Stacks

How To Install Kadron Racing Hard Fuel Line Kit

How To Modify & Install Crankshaft Main Bearings
How To Install Push Rod Tubes

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Disc Brake Conversion

Kaddie Shack "Signature Series" Performance Engines

In the market for a new performance "Turn-Key" dyno-tuned performance engine for your show car, play car, or race car? Check out our "Signature Series" engine builds.


Kad-Powered Engine Build Dyno Sheets
1641cc Single Port Scooter
1679cc Bus Mini-Torquer
1776cc Budget Build
1835cc Bus Workhorse Delivery Motor
1914cc Spunky Street Daily Driver
* Our Signature Build* 1968cc STREET/STRIP Animal
2054cc Bus Master
2180cc Dual Purpose Thing
2332cc Kad Super-Torquer

Before & After Kaddie Shack Installation Dyno Results
1600cc Dual Port

1600cc Single Port (Project Article, too)

Kaddie Shack Fun Videos
Kaddie Shack 5-minute Store Tour
1968cc Kad-Power vs 5.0 Mustang
**NEW** Kaddie Shack Drag Night #3 Racing Event Coverage
Kaddie Shack Single Weber Installation
Jake Comes From Behind
How to Install Taillight Bulbs
Jalopnik Article: 6/4/2013

Pertronix SVDA customer feedback



Jake Jacome races V8 Mustang with Jeff's Kad-Powered '75 Standard daily driver..
Note: This was taken and posted from someone we don't know from the stands. Kind of funny!
(click to watch video)

Jake Jacome races 5.0 Mustang with 1968cc motor
(click to watch video)

Miguel "Jake" Jacome Race Results:
9/2/12 Bugorama #70: 1st Place
10/28/12 Hot VW's Drag Day: 2nd Place
3/17/13 HotVW's Drag Day: Loss
4/28/13 Bug-In #38: Loss
5/26/13 Bugorama #71: 1st Place
9/1/13 Bugorama #72: 2nd Place
10/27/13 Hot VW's Drag Day: 1st Place
4/27/14 Bug-In #39: 1st Place
5/4/14 So-Cal Bugorama: :2nd Place
5/25/14 Bugorama #73: Loss
8/21/14 Kaddie Shack Drag Night: 1st Place
8/31/14 Bugorama #74: Loss

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